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That's beautiful. I printed your post out for someone I know really needs to read these words. I couldn't help but I think you might have.


Since I returned to my faith five years ago, I've found my struggle to be exactly the opposite of what I assumed it would be. I have little intellectual difficulty with my beliefs, and I find the intellectual firepower on the side of Christianity to be powerful. What I struggle with is emotional understanding, likely caused by my individual inherent limitations. Finding the meaning in the suffering, overcoming despair with hope, faith and, above all, love: these are elusive goals, and many days I think I've taken one step forward only to take two steps back. Many days, I am discouraged that while I understand and accept Sister Dorgan's wisdom intellectually, on other levels of my existence "I just don't get it."

Kyle Cupp

In some sense, or at least in some cases, suffering has no explanation, but, like beauty, it elicits love.


And in some cases I've personally witnessed, it elicits despair and a loss of Christian faith. Frankl's observation that a man usually cannot choose his circumstances but only his response to those circumstances and must accept the consequences that flow from that choice, continues to make sense. As does my wife's favorite maxim: "Life's a bitch, and so am I."

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