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Kyle R. Cupp

The post will stand or fall on its own merits, merits that both military and non-military readers can sufficiently assess. The post wasn't about military culture or the motivations or reasons why those in the military choose to serve and sacrifice; it was about the defining stories we as a nation tell ourselves about those who died in war, the wars they fought, and the nation they served. I know for fact, however, that the post was read by people who have served in the military. I have close friends, colleagues, and even immediate family who served (or continue to serve) their country in the Armed Forces: both my wife's father and my biological father served in the Navy. Moreover, I intentionally shared the post with a good friend who had a career in the military. He didn't agree with everything I wrote, but he didn't tell me that I had a lack of appreciation for him and other members of the American military branches.

It's fair to say that the contributors to the blog in question tend to lean left, but it's not populated solely by fellow leftists: the first commenter in the thread of my post, who commented several times, is a conservative Catholic who challenged my post and made some good critical points. If you decide to share the post with your friend, and he chooses to comment on it, I expect that I will receive additional well-reasoned, challenging and critical responses to what I wrote. I expect as well that a few of those who have already commented on the thread will receive less than gentle treatment. That's fine. Those who opine on the Internet should expect what they say to be challenged and should be able to defend what they say or be willing to reconsider their opinions.

Jogger Texas Ranger

And don't let the screen door hit your ass on the way out, Kyle.

Hoss, why would grown men worry about what little boys think about what they do? Thanks for re-posting this one, though.

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