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One day not to long ago I was riding the black train myself. While flipping through the channels on the TV trying to find anything to distract me, I hit on the preacher John Hagee just as he was yelling out "You are the child of a King, act like it!"
That comes into my mind a lot, even when I just want the freedom to wallow in my self pity.
Feel better friend


As long as the "child of a King" you emulate isn't Prince Charles with Camilla Bowles. Wait...he's the child of a queen. Never mind.

Thanks for your kind words, but this post was written with my tongue pretty much firmly in my cheek. I'm mocking my own tendency to prefer the lazy way out rather than the way I know is right but harder. On the other hand, the quote from Frank Slade pretty much sums up my actual attitude about half of the time.

Plus, I was listening to Kelly Jones' excellent song and it triggered the thought process that led to this post for reasons known only to my unconscious mind.


"never mind"
Emily Litella

Kevin Funnell

Actually, I prefer it when you mind.


Welcome back, Kevin and Victor. You two are inseparable.

Kevin Funnell

Yeah, who would have assumed that a dead Jewish man would lead me back to Christianity. Go figure...

Welcome back, too, Val

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