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Do you ever feel disconnected from it all? I was thinking about way back when we both started this blogging thing umm I think it was like 1783 so or ;)we were both so quick to throw that verbal punch now it often seems like we are both watching it from some other place. It's that weird feeling you get when you haven't seen your family in a good while and when you do you wonder how you could possibly be related to them. I think all I want is for everyone to just shut up for 5 minutes or so and take time to breathe. instead its been a steady stream of who to blame or how to grab control.



I read the stuff I wrote in 2004 in the heat of that election-year vitriol and cringe. I dug up some of it from the Wayback Machine and saved it just to remind me of my natural inclination toward the Dark Side. "Flame roasting" Monica White called it, and how right she was, but in an entirely different sense than she intended at that time.

That said, I still laugh out loud about you telling that Australian leftist troll that before he tried to take you on, he better "grow a pair." He never did, did he?

I'm also amazed at how some of the people I thought were such "profound" voices in those days have turned out to be anything but. I don't think they've changed, but I seem to see them in a new light.

Regrets? I've got a few...


Not then and probably not now. Sad little creature that he was. I don't really have any regrets I had fun and learned a lot which is probably why I'm always checking in here to see what you're saying.

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