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  • I'm a semi-retired professional man, living in the Midwestern United States. This blog is a personal blog and is not directly connected with my professional practice (although I may draw upon my professional experiences, as well as my personal experiences, in writing my blog posts). This is a place for personal, not professional, opinions.

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Carol Bielamowicz

I can't tell from this if you want to smooth the edges or you are satisfied with them as they are. You said deal with it, but then you said you lost your way. If you want to be more atuned to those with more delicate sensitivities, a brief assessment of the person and situation could probably prevent some offenses. Is it a habit or a decision? If you can think that quickly on your feet in the workday, you can also scale back the agression when the sharks aren't gnashing.


Carol, the entire post is self-mocking. I recognize my faults and regret them, but also realize that in some contexts they are practically useful. The "deal with it" comment comes at the end of a paragraph in which I've just admitted that I have deliberately omitted incidents when others have turned the tables on me, which is obviously unfair. I realize now that writing entire posts with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek only works for readers who have been reading me since I started this blog 8 years ago. Sorry if you found this post confusing. I didn't mean for anyone to take it at face value.

Carol Bielamowicz

Thanks for the clarification. I will read more carefully. I enjoy your blog and insights.


You don't need to read more carefully, Carol, I need to write more thoughtfully.


I could tell where your tongue was planted. This is pure Kevin at his best self-mockery.


Val, you've been with me since 2005, when you discovered me through the lovely Stacy's blog, I think. You've grown accustomed to my quirks, which are legion.

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