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  • I'm a retired professional man, living in the Midwestern United States. This blog is a personal blog and is not directly connected with my former professional practice (although I may draw upon my professional experiences, as well as my personal experiences, in writing my blog posts). This is a place for personal, not professional, opinions.

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You're an excellent writer and I'm glad you take the time to blog. I like reading things that make me think and work towards doing better in all areas of my life. Your stories are worth sharing and I don't think there are rules that need to guide that except your own.


Thanks for such kind words, Carol. I appreciate them more than you know.

Alicia Rae

I didn't even realize rules existed. People ask what I blog about and I don't even know what to tell them in response most of the time. "Uh, whatever comes to me!... it's really just, uh, a collection of expressive art... with my own messes thrown in between...!" So before I go following any rules I should probably first figure out what my blog is about, what it is, what it's purpose [other than my sanity] is.

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