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Alicia Rae

This is beautiful. Although more years have gone by than I have lived since your brother's death, I am sorry or your loss. Glad he lives in your pleasant memories, and perhaps creates them.


Thank you, Alicia. My memories of him, and of my father and sister, are bittersweet; however, I've recently come to the conclusion that while their lives may seem to have been cut short, all three of them lived fully while they were with us because they seemed to love fully, both what they "did" and the people they knew. If there is a God, and if there is a purpose to each of our lives, then to learn to love fully and well is, I believe, the lesson that we must learn and the purpose we must serve. I have spent most of my life, and especially the last three months, savaging certain people for the unforgivable sin of loving me. Maybe the only reason that I've existed longer than any of them is that I am a much slower learner than they were. Sometimes, I think that the tragedy is not dying young, but dying ignorant.


What a beautiful tribute to your brother. And how amazing that your gift of writing parallels his music in so many ways. You each recieved different but both very profound and obvious gifts. I have been with five people as they died, most recently, my Mom, and I am thoroughly convinced that a creative life well-lived, lives on. Thanks for sharing both of your stories.


Thanks, Carol, but my brother's talent far outpaced whatever small amount of skill I possess. I'm biased, obviously, but Jeff and my older sister Kathy were bona fide geniuses, in terms of raw intellectual ability and musical talent. The three other kids, including me, were moderately blessed, mostly by the fact that we had great parents who loved us and stayed married to one another even when it became apparent to them (although not us until we were adults) that they were very different people. The luck of the draw includes picking the right parents, doesn't it? By the way, I agree with you about the well-lived lives "living on." Thanks for the kind words.

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