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Alicia Rae

Although science provides many an answer, poetry brings what science never could, and that is humanity. Humanity and experience and life and pain and art. While science may leave one with facts, poetry and the arts leave one with (oftentimes) relief.


I agree. I also think that while science attempts to "explain," poetry attempts to "express," and often, to express the ineffable. It appeals to the aesthetic sense rather than to the rational mind. To me, the poet can come closer to the "truth" of the mystery of existing as an "I" among other "I's" than can the scientist, who views that mystery merely in terms of not yet possessing sufficient facts to "know" the answer. The poet hits closer to home, for me, closer to the way human beings actually live in the world, or, perhaps, the way they lived for thousands of years before we "evolved" above the need for poets.

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