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Crystal Gimesh

Poignant and lovely. This one relates beautifully to the one you wrote recently about being unable to discern G-d's will or the inescapable paranoia I think we all feel about whether we are fulfilling our true purpose. I sometimes wonder if I have a faulty antennae as well. If G-d is speaking to me it is in incoherent fragments and whispers. Then again, maybe I am not listening close enough or praying hard enough. Omnipotent Time leaves us in a similar quandary doesn't it? Trying to find an even keel somewhere between reckless abandon and necessary leaps of faith.


That's an interesting take on this post, Crystal. I hadn't consciously connected the two, but I see how they are connected. I thought of two related themes as I read the poem and Cummins' quote: (1) time is inexorable, and it marches on despite our wish that it might pause long enough to let us love more, love better; and (2) because our own little portion of time is very limited, don't hold back your expressions of love. Let those you love know how much they mean to you now. You or they may not have a tomorrow.

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