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  • I'm a retired professional man, living in the Midwestern United States. This blog is a personal blog and is not directly connected with my former professional practice (although I may draw upon my professional experiences, as well as my personal experiences, in writing my blog posts). This is a place for personal, not professional, opinions.

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Alicia Rae

I'll need to wrestle with this a while. Thanks for the thoughts - on both perspectives.


Kevin, thank you for sharing these thoughts. I think you need to share these thoughts with a bigger audience--maybe students studying religion, philosophy, personal growth--something. Really profound writing post after post. You are a great teacher and writer and I hope you are able to influence doubters as well as firm believers in the power of love.


Thank you both for your comments.

Carol, I appreciate your kind words, but I have failed repeatedly to practice what I would teach. I talk the talk, but have trouble walking the walk. I doubt that a larger audience, especially those who've been on the receiving end of my failure to practice what I preach, would find me credible. My blog is more my working out my personal struggle of redemption than it is lessons for others. On the other hand, the fact that what I say here resonates with others, such as you, means a great deal to me.

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