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Crystal Gimesh

Sometimes reconciliation happens on a different schedule than we have prescribed for it. Your observations about twitter are similar to my thoughts about it over the years. I have many, many days where I wonder why I even bother. I don’t have a good or even coherent answer for that. Sometimes, I take long twitter (really the only social media channel that I bother with at all) breaks for precisely the same reasons you allude to above. I guess what keeps me coming back can be summed up as hope or blind optimism-that it is possible that something transcendent can still be gleaned from a place (and, honestly, an entire society) that seems to thrive on the ephemeral.


"Sometimes reconciliation happens on a different schedule than we have prescribed for it." In other words, "you can't hurry love." Sound theological advice via The Supremes. I guess you're telling me that I'll need to stop pushing and let the other party take the lead, if they're interested.

As to Twitter, I think that you're on to something regarding "an entire society." Maybe Twitter's just a symptom of a deeper malaise, rather than a cause of it. Maybe there's a way to filter out the worst of the offenders without ditching the entire platform. Or, maybe Rod Dreher's right and some of us ought to ditch the modern world and start living "The Benedict Option."

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